Abbie's Top Tips for Coils

The Curls Club X Abbie Curls box is packed full of great products we all know and love anndddd to top it off we created a 100% Silk Scrunchie exclusively for Abbie. 

As always the box contains 4 full size products and an accessory, tried and tested by our expert curl influencer Abbie. 

Inside the box you will find: Sunny Isle JBCO Extra Dark Shampoo and Conditioner, Flora & Curl Curl Activation Lotion and Twist & Braid Cream and the Curls Club Silk Scrunchie.

Get into Abbie’s wash routine

Curlsclub x Abbie

Sunny Isle Extra Dark Shampoo

I shampoo my hair every single wash day which is usually around once a week. I love this shampoo as it does a great job at cleansing my scalp and removing all product build up without making my hair feel stripped or dry. My hair actually feels really moisturised after rinsing out the shampoo! 
I apply the shampoo mainly to my scalp and gently scrub with the pads of my fingers to lift up any dirt and product build up. Once I get a nice thick lather I begin to bring the shampoo down the length of my hair to ensure my strands are also free from product build up. 
*TOP TIP* A clean scalp and clean hair make the best base for applying your moisturising and styling products! 
Sunny Isle Extra Dark Conditioner
I apply my conditioner in sections because my hair is way too thick to be able to apply it all over and detangle all in one. I start by sectioning off hair at the nape of my neck and then tie the rest up on top of my head. I apply the conditioner to the small section, brush it through and then take down another section of hair. I repeat this until I’ve reached the front of my hair and all my hair has been covered in conditioner and detangled. I then leave the conditioner to sit in my hair whilst I wash my body, and then *TOP TIP* rinse the conditioner out with cool water. 
Flora & Curl Curl Activating Lotion
This product can be used as a styler by itself or can be layered which is how I like to use it. I use almost as a leave in conditioner before applying my styling product. In sections, I rake the Curl Activating Lotion through my curls making sure all strands are covered. The slip on this product is insane! So it’s super easy to distribute the product through my hair without any tugging or breakage. 
As it’s a Curl Activator, my curls begin to clump together after using this product - love it!
Flora & Curl Twist & Braid Cream
My favourite product in the box! I get guaranteed amazing braid out results every time I use this product. 
To use it, I part off small sections for each braid, apply a small amount of the Twist & Braid cream to the section, brush it through and then braid up the section. I do this all over until all of my hair is braided up. 
I then allow my hair to completely air dry before taking down the braids. When I do take the braids down my hair is super moisturised, defined and looks and smells amazing! 
Curls club Silk Scrunchie
This exclusive silk scrunhie is great for pulling all of my hair up into a puff! It has the perfect stretch and perfect size to wrap around your hair even if your hair is thicker like mine. Because its silk, it won't snag your hair or cause breakage as there is minimal friction!