Georgia's Top Curl Tips



This is your one stop shop to great curls and all of Georgia's juicy tips to get you there.

The box contains 4 full size products and an accessory:

As I am Coconut Cowash, Umberto Giannini Banana Butter Nourishing Superfood Conditioner, Mahogany Naturals Marisacurls Strengthening Curl Treatment, Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly and Infinitii Bamboo Hair Wrap.

We worked hard to curate with Georgia something special and beneficial for the curly community. Our mission is Curls Made Easy(ier) and for a community that was once underserved, we say NO MORE! Full brand box takeovers will never be our style as they don't always give you the best results, but trust us when we say, we got you! 

Like our first box, the Curls Club x Georgia Davies (@cosy.curls) collaboration has been tried and tested, by Georgia herself, to give you the BEST results. Whether you want to use the products separately or together as detailed below, we are sure you will LOVE this box!


Step 1: As I am Coconut Cowash

My washdays always start by cleansing my hair and one of my absolute faves is the As I Am Coconut Cowash. It’s so soft and silky on my hair!

A cowash is a gentle cleanser that can help remove build up without removing the natural oils you produce that keep your hair in a quality state Using shampoos or alternative products that contain sulfates can strip your hair of these natural oils which can leave your hair feeling dry.

I start by soaking my hair under the shower, making sure that every part is covered with water. Water is often a curl’s best friend! I then apply a generous amount of the cowash to my hair, focusing mainly on my roots. I scrub my scalp all over with my fingertips to help remove any build up. I will do this for around 5 minutes, however, you can do this for a bit longer if you feel like you need to. Cowashing does require a bit of input to help cleanse so not only are you cleaning your curls but you’re getting an arm work out in too. Who needs the gym hey?

Once I feel like my scalp is clean, I rinse out the cowash ready for step 2.


Step 2: Umberto Giannini Banana Butter Nourishing Superfood Conditioner

Time to detangle! And what a way to detangle – this stuff smells INCREDIBLE – like the banana foam sweets you can get! Delish!

After rinsing out the cowash, my hair is, once again, soaked. I apply this conditioner from root to tip, making sure there is more added to problem areas that get more tangly, such as the back of my neck. I like to make detangling as pain free as possible.

I tend to detangle with a wide tooth comb starting at the ends of my hair, working my way up to the roots. If I try to detangle from the roots down, it can cause serious knots that are way more painful and way harder to get out. A little bit at a time works best.

Once my hair is completely detangled, I add just a little bit of water and ‘squish to condish’. This is where you squish the curls up from the ends to the roots. It helps the product penetrate the hair strands and encourages the curl pattern. I do this for a couple of minutes then rinse out all of the conditioner completely. 


Step 3: Mahogany Naturals Marisacurls Strengthening Curl Treatment

On to deep conditioning… I know it’s been tough recently with Covid and not being able to do normal things such as going for a spa day, but this deep conditioner brings the spa to you! It smells so luxurious!!

With every washday, I try to include some protein in my routine and this product provides this hit for my hair. Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. It gives out hair its structure. Using products with protein can help strengthen the hair shaft and can give curls more bounce. I don’t like to use protein in every product on a washday as too much protein can make your hair feel like straw but a deep conditioner is a great way to have a hit of protein to help give those curls that bounce.

I apply this product all over my hair and rake it through to make sure its evenly distributed throughout. I then split is into two sections and twist these together. Once I have one big twist I wrap this around itself to create a bun on top of my head (I don’t use anything to secure it) and place a shower cap over the top to keep the moisture in. I sometimes wrap a microfiber towel around the shower cap to keep the heat in. Heat helps the product penetrate the hair strands. I leave this product on for 1-2 hours (perfect amount of time to do some cleaning, or rather catch up on your favourite programme) and then wash it all out. 


Step 4: Umberto Giannini Banana Butter Nourishing Superfood Conditioner

This step isn’t always required but I like to do another quick condition and detangle just to make sure that any remaining knots have been removed. Don’t forget to ‘squish to condish’! And always rinse out completely after.


Step 5: Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly

MY DAY ONE! MY ALL TIME FAVE! MY ONE TRUE LOVE! (in a styling product that is)

This styler has been my go-to ever since I started my curl journey nearly 3 years ago. It gives me great hold and leaves my curls bouncy and boingy. Just what I want from a styler!

I use three different styling techniques when I apply my stylers: Raking – helps distribute product evenly; Praying hands – helps curls clump; and Scrunching – helps encourage curl pattern. 

I generally start my styling routine upside down to help give me volume at the roots as my hair is quite fine and needs all the help it can get. I start by raking 2 x 50p size amounts of the product through from root to ends, and then go into praying hands, which is where your hair is placed between the palms of your hands which looks as though you’re praying. I start at the roots and place a little pressure between my hands and drag them down to the ends. This will help the curls clump together. Finally, I scrunch the curls up from the ends to the roots to encourage the curl patterns and help to create those bouncy curls. 

I then flip my head upright and rake the back of my hair up and away from my scalp so that it doesn’t leave funny curls that are stuck to my scalp - not a great look! I then go through the process of praying hands and scrunching again adding a couple more 50p size blobs of the gel, doing this on both sides of my head until I’m happy with how my curls are lying.


Step 6: Infinitii Bamboo Hair Wrap

I hate how long curls can take to dry, even when diffusing, so dry plopping (where you wrap your hair to remove excess moisture) with this bamboo hair wrap has been a game changer for me.  

I lay my hair wrap down so that the deeper part of the wrap is further away from me and the longer part is extended out. I flip my head upside down and let my curls concertina into the deep part of the wrap until my head touches it. I start bringing the longer part together and twist it while wrapping it around the side of my head until I can fasten the elastic to the button at the back   

I leave my hair in this wrap for about 20 minutes, while I clean up the bathroom from the takeover of my washday and get my diffuser out. PS don’t forget to wash the bottom of the bath or shower otherwise next time you get in it will be a slip and slide - very dangerous! 

After the 20 minutes is up, I will finish the drying process by diffusing my curls until they are 70-80% dry and then let it air dry. The Curl Jelly should leave your hair with a cast (hard curls).

Once my hair is completely dry, I can ‘scrunch out the crunch’, breaking the hard cast formed by the gel, this will leave you with soft bouncy curls, ready to conquer the day.

 CC x GD

I hope you love this box and all the products in it as much as I do. I really do think each and every one of them is amazing. I cannot wait to see all your results from using it. Please share them with Curls Club (@curlsclublondon) and me (@cosy.curls) on Instagram and tag us so we can share your amazing results.

Georgia x